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Friday, October 1, 2010

BCS Delphi Tidy Application Launch

This application should restructure Delphi source code so that various code sections are sorted in ascending alphabetical sequence.

Of course there are may avenues of approach to this problem. So far I leaning towards the tabling of sections and leveraging the DBMS to order the information by keywords the restore code snippets in sequence to produce the BCS Delphi Tidy version of the project.

Please feel free to offer alternate ways of achieving this.

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  1. I don't recommend a DBMS for this. I recommend you look at the JEDI code formatter, and examine tools like the ones from ModelMaker tools, which do this already. ModelMaker code explorer has a very sophisticated parser which enables it to do this sorting you mention without causing any harm to your application.

    You will need to write a parser that understands the Object Pascal language, and the JEDI Code Formatter contains a working model that would get you started.


  2. Here's a link. Try their trial version and see what you think:

  3. This project uses formatted Delphi files as input. This approach addresses nearly all the concerns you have expressed.

    Too often technicians come up with a solution that over thinks the problem. My general approach is to employ the KISS methodology. The grandiose solution usually identifies a project that is never completed and the dream process continues forever.

    This is not Lazarus. The Lazarus project has been on going for years and is still not complete and lags far behind Delphi XE and its capabilities. This project will not run on forever.

    This approach is being taken to leverage the capabilities of indexed DBMS routines. Much of the work is sorting in ascending sequence the DBMS technology does this quite nicely. The other viable option is to use string collections but the required relationships which makes that approach too cumbersome. Therefore that approach is not a good candidate for completing the project.

    After reviewing your suggestion I find the tool not feasible for this project. What is needed is a tool that can break Delphi objects into their component parts while keeping enough structure to be able to re assemble the Delphi objects in a ascending alphabetical sequence.

    If you know of a tool that accomplish the above defined goal please let me know and I will assess your suggestion. It appears to me you have misapplied the technology you have suggested.