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Monday, October 18, 2010

BCS Delphi XE Code Generation Abstract

The BCS Delphi source code generator produces bug free source code that allows the technician a jump start on projects. The .pas, .dfm, .dpr and .proj source code files are created. If the technician selects to generate a component based on the source code then the nnnpk.pkg,, nnndp.pas files are created which allows the installs the newly created code onto a VCL component palate as a component. Simultaneously a component tester is also generated which allows testing of the newly installed component.

Typically the technician will work with the stand alone executable version of the generated code until the desired functionality is attained. Then the component project would be invoked. After the component is installed the component tester would be invoked to test the newly installed component.

Some of the consideration for writing a Delphi XE source code generator.

A sub directory processor must be available. The target sub directory will be created if it does not exist. The code generator should terminate if code is being requested for an existing sub directory.

For source code tailoring there must be a facility to find and replace all occurrences of certain text strings.

For project (.proj) files a facility to create GUID's is required to make the projects viable as designed by Ebmarcadero.

A facility to read skeleton source code is required. The source code is updated and a facility to write the newly created source code to the target directory and respective file.

A copy facility must be available to handle known resource files.

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