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Monday, October 11, 2010

Mofik - Hocas Pocas

I have downloaded Morfik 3.0 for pascal (Delphi). Their marketing strategy hides the fact they need $499.00 for registration of the base package and another $499.00 for full support.

That brings the total to $998.00 before taxes.

When I contrast this with Adobe Flash Builder 4 $699.00 the obvious choice is very clear. There is no java support in Morfik and there is no fast binary data delivery system. Flash Builder 4 delivers true platform independent RIA's without a doubt. On the other hand Morfik has some 'splanin to do. Do not fall for the Morfik hype!

Overall the Morfik solution is too expensive for what is delivered!


  1. Thanks for this info. you have saved me from spending time in evaluating the new version of Morfik ;)

  2. Yogi - this takes long ... you will have to invest some time to go beyond ... Morfik is cool ... it is another object layer for a web system.

    It is a different philosophy ... check my comment on Linkedin about the Altium merge - if you like evaluate in half a year - if there is a dramatic change where I would decide to advise others to use it ... I will let you know. Honestly the cycle is very Delphi like, something is shipped an then fixed. So before spring ...

    They rely on the customers to permanently identify bugs in the IDE and the system ... honestly this is funny but mhhhh... I mean ... for bugs found one gets points that a solid base for discounts - participation pays - Honestly I find this little weak, I want to have something that just works ... this change is on the way ... however it will turn out. I will let you know ... when I personally see it as a valid option and what for... - it is not like Delphi it is a lot more reliable, but a synthesis process has to work > 100% ...

  3. Morfik is now FREE that seems like a good deal.